Key Trends

Progress has slowed. In the 2016 NTI Index, no improvements have been made in the core protection and control measures assessed by the NTI Index. In addition, since the last NTI Index, a single state from the theft ranking for countries with one kilogram or more of weapons-usable nuclear materials—Uzbekistan—removed all of its weapons-usable nuclear materials. In 2014, seven states were on that list.

On the upside, of the 24 countries with weapons-usable nuclear materials, four became parties to key international agreements related to nuclear materials security, six made new voluntary commitments (such as contributing to the IAEA Nuclear Security Fund), and eight passed or updated laws and regulations on cybersecurity. Twelve other states have decreased their quantities of materials over the most recent four-year period measured.

Global stocks of weapons-usable nuclear materials decreased overall, but trends point to an increase.