• Countries Worldwide Take Steps to Improve Nuclear Security

    Since the third edition of the 2016 NTI Nuclear Security Index, many countries have taken positive steps to improve their nuclear security conditions. NTI is tracking these improvements, which will be reflected in the next edition of the NTI Index.

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  • NTI Co-Chairman Sam Nunn Statement on the Successful Removal of All Highly Enriched Uranium from Poland

    Over a ten-year period, more than 700 kilograms of highly enriched uranium was removed from Poland, making it the 31st country to completely remove their HEU.

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  • For Professors: Updated Curriculum Based on NTI Index Now Available

    An updated education module based on the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit is now available. The module provides a two-session curriculum on nuclear materials security for undergraduate or graduate courses in international relations, security studies, diplomacy, counter-terrorism, or nuclear sciences. It includes a “Model Summit” experience for students with lesson plans, talking points and a PowerPoint briefing for professors.

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  • Nuclear Security Summit 2016

    The Nuclear Security Summits have brought high-level attention to the threat of nuclear terrorism and have catalyzed actions by the 53 participating states to strengthen their own security and to work collectively to strengthen global security. However, the job of securing all weapons-usable nuclear materials and of building an effective global nuclear security system is far from finished.

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  • Explore the NTI Index

    The NTI Index assesses nuclear security conditions in two areas: the potential theft of weapons-usable nuclear materials and, for the first time, the potential sabotage of nuclear facilities. See the theft results and interactive map.

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  • Score Simulator: You Make the Priorities

    How can countries improve nuclear security? Where is the most work needed? Explore the Nuclear Security Index with our interactive country score simulator.

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  • Beyond Technology: Addressing the Nuclear Cyber Threat

    As the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit approaches, NTI is focused on highlighting major areas of concern – and solutions to address them. The first article in our Solution Series focuses on the nuclear cyber threat, and how the global community can enhance protect and confidence in digital security around nuclear facilities.

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  • In 2016 NTI Index, Nunn Warns of Slowing Progress

    At a time of escalating threats and as the final Nuclear Security Summit approaches, the NTI Nuclear Security Index finds that progress on reducing the threat of catastrophic nuclear terrorism has slowed and major gaps remain in the global nuclear security system.

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Securing weapons-usable nuclear materials is vital to preventing nuclear terrorism
Global nuclear security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Today's threats are dynamic. The need for action is clear. The NTI Index helps spark international discussion about priorities to strengthen security and encourages governments to act.

2016 NTI Index

The 2016 NTI Index is a unique public assessment of global nuclear security conditions, prepared with the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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