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Experts from NTI and the EIU are available to comment on the 2018 NTI Nuclear Security Index, nuclear terrorism, and other related international security and nonproliferation issues.

Contact: Cathy Gwin
Office: (202) 454-7706
Mobile: (202) 270-5942

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2018 Press Release
The 2018 NTI Nuclear Security Index finds progress to secure, minimize, and eliminate the world’s deadliest materials has accelerated since 2016, but at the same time, it is jeopardized by a deterioration in political stability and governance around the world, an increase in corruption, and the expanding presence of terrorist groups. Read the press release.

Browse our Experts
Read bios for NTI Index and nuclear terrorism experts—Joan Rohlfing, Page Stoutland, Erin Dumbacher.

A Message from Ernest J. Moniz
Read the Index foreword by NTI Co-Chair and CEO Ernest J. Moniz. Read more.

Past Coverage and Influence of the NTI Index
Past coverage from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and publications worldwide.

NTI Tutorials
Check out this Q&A-based tutorial on Nuclear and Radiological Security, created with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.