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The Value of Publishing Nuclear Security Regulations

September 3, 2018

A country that publishes its laws, license requirements, and regulations supports confidence in its nuclear security. Countries can make regulations and nuclear security practices public without revealing sensitive information.

The 2018 NTI Index finds that a number of countries could do more to build confidence in their security through greater transparency. Notably, scores for Iran, Israel, Pakistan, and North Korea are adversely affected by their relatively few publicly available nuclear security regulations. The absence of publicly available regulations negatively affects a country’s score, even if that country has robust regulations in place.

For example, North Korea’s nuclear program continues to operate outside international legal and voluntary frameworks for nuclear security, and there is virtually no transparency into the country’s nuclear program or security measures. The NTI Index reflects this lack by awarding North Korea a score of zero out of a potential 100 points in the category that measures adherence to global norms for nuclear materials security.