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NTI Nuclear Security Index Challenge

October 4, 2018

NTI welcomes completed project submissions for the prize competition until May 6, 2019.

See details on prize competition submissions and requirements here. Have questions? Send us an email.

Please note that the Index Challenge deadline for grant proposal submissions has passed.

Call for Submissions

The Nuclear Threat Initiative is looking for innovative new ways to use the NTI Nuclear Security Index rankings and data to improve understanding of the way nuclear materials and facilities are secured around the world and to highlight needs and spur action among governments. NTI welcomes innovative uses of the NTI Index data, which could include robust new data analysis, curricula, infographics, apps, games, or other new tools and research.

NTI will give two types of awards:

  •  Grants or contracts for projects completed within a 12 month period (up to $50,000);
  •  Multiple prizes totaling $5,000, $3,000, and $1,000 for shorter-term projects.

A key criteria for making these awards will be how well they use the NTI Index results to engage governments, policy communities, academia, or the general public with the NTI Index results. See the full details of how to submit your idea here.

About the NTI Index

Developed with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and input from a respected international panel of nuclear security experts, the NTI Nuclear Security Index assesses the security of the world’s deadliest materials—highly enriched uranium and plutonium—as well as the security of facilities at which an act of sabotage could result in a dangerous release of radiation. A first-of-its-kind resource, the Index is designed to encourage governments to take actions and build confidence in the security of their materials. Now in its fourth edition, the NTI Index is recognized as the premiere resource and tool for tracking progress on nuclear security and identifying priorities to defend against nuclear terrorism.

What kind of submissions are we looking for?

We are looking for creative ways to communicate or apply NTI Index data to improve nuclear security conditions—whether through building technical understanding, policy support, public awareness, or academic engagement. Now in its fourth year, the NTI Index dataset offers opportunities for trend or regional analyses, for visually-engaging graphics or data visualizations, games or apps that let users explore nuclear security conditions, econometric or policy analyses…the potential uses are many. The more ambitious to reach the target audience, the better.

Unsure if your idea is in line with our goals? Send us a note.

Who should participate?

Calling all students, researchers, professors, advocates, faculty, and citizens focused on reducing the risks of nuclear terrorism! We want to hear from you, whether you’re in your first year of undergraduate studies or design online games for fun. In your proposal, just be sure to mention your affiliation and any partners or mentors with whom you plan to work.

Where can I find the NTI Index results and data?

The 2018 edition of the NTI Index was released on September 5, 2018 at NTIindex.org. Prior print editions are available:

  • NTIindex.org shows high-level results and country profiles in an easily accessible format;
  • A downloadable version of the 2018 NTIIndex datasets [ZIP file] shows detailed results and data along with extended interactive features in an Excel format;
  • The print reports from each publication year contains NTI observations and recommendations, an overview of the EIU methodology, selected data, and country profiles:

20182016 | 2014 | 2012

  • Find related news and media on the 2018 Index here.

Download the Submissions Guidelines

Questions? Want to learn more? Contact Erin Dumbacher or email NTIIndex@nti.org.

About NTI

The Nuclear Threat Initiative works to protect our lives, environment, and quality of life now and for future generations. We work to prevent catastrophic attacks with weapons of mass destruction and disruption (WMDD)—nuclear, biological, radiological, chemical, and cyber. Founded in 2001 by former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn and philanthropist Ted Turner who continue to serve as co-chairs, NTI is guided by a prestigious, international board of directors. Ernest J. Moniz serves as chief executive officer and co-chair and Joan Rohlfing serves as president.