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#NSS2016 Week has Arrived! What You’ll Need and Where to Find It.

March 28, 2016

Barack Obama, Lee Myung-bak

The 2016 Nuclear Security Summit is almost here!

More than 50 world leaders will gather in Washington on Thursday and Friday amid high expectations for their plans to prevent catastrophic nuclear and radiological terrorism.

We’d like to start this important week by inviting you to read and sign on to A Call to Action on Nuclear Terrorism.  More than 100 global political, diplomatic, business and military leaders, as well as top experts in nuclear security, cite the progress resulting from four Nuclear Security Summits but warn: “The job is not done. The Summits are ending as the terrorist threat is growing.”

We’d welcome more endorsers, so sign on at www.nti.org/NoGreaterThreat and tweet or share with your social media networks.

The Fissile Materials Working Group hosted a press conference last week where NTI released a new report focusing on security of radiological materials, which was cited in a Time article.  At the event, the Arms Control Association and Partnership for Global Security released a report on accomplishments of the Nuclear Security Summit, and the Belfer Center released “Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: Continuous Improvement or Dangerous Decline?”

We were very pleased with editorials in The New York Times that called on leaders to “aggressively plug security gaps” and in The Washington Post which pressed for plans to sustain the work of the summits. Both cited NTI work.

Events this week include a discussion of nuclear security in the Middle East and briefings at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and other think tanks around town.  We hope NTI’s Summit Pop-Up Blog and our Insider’s Guide have been useful tools. There’s still time to catch up on all you need to know, from key events and players to the sometime-strange vernacular we call Summit Speak.

You can take a deeper dive into the threat, the stakes, and recommended solutions through a host of other NTI resources. We have papers, reports, videos, online tutorials and more. To list just a few:

  • Another new NTI report summarizes what a global system for nuclear security might look like, based on meetings with government officials, experts, representatives from international organizations, and industry leaders since 2012.
  • NTI also released a paper written by partners at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) on the US Navy’s use of highly enriched uranium.  The paper’s conclusions were echoed in a New York Times op-ed.  CNS also issued the  2015 Global Incidents and Trafficking Database and Report—the only publicly available, comprehensive listing of incidents in which nuclear and radiological materials have been lost, stolen or otherwise gone missing. The 2016 Nuclear Security Index, an assessment of security conditions across 176 countries. You can download the report, watch videos on the threat, and use an interactive score simulator.
  • Find out why 83% of the world’s weapons-usable nuclear materials aren’t even addressed at the summits – and why they should be – by reading our report, Bridging the Military Nuclear Materials Gap.

We look forward to following the week’s events, including side summits with non-governmental organizations and the nuclear industry.

If you have any questions, ideas, or events you’d like to see covered, write to hall@nti.org – and have a great week.