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#NSS2016-Related News Media Roundup

March 31, 2016


The national and international news media is all over the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit now that it’s underway in Washington. In case you missed these reports featuring NTI leaders and staff:

Senator Nunn discussed the dirty bomb threat on NPR’s Morning Edition and global nuclear threats on Bloomberg News this morning. He also took a turn last night on NBC Nightly News, responding to a question about Donald Trump’s recent head-turning nuclear pronouncements.

Page Stoutland, who leads NTI’s Nuclear Security Index initiative with Samantha Pitts-Kiefer, makes a few comments in this Nature article on #NSS2016. Speaking of the NTI Index, Reuters weighs in on the summit, citing some of NTI’s findings.

Listen to NTI President Joan Rohlfing on a Canadian Broadcasting podcast outlining her concerns about a loss of momentum and “summit fatigue” on nuclear materials security and the urgent need for leaders at #NSS2016 to put in place a new process to develop an effective global nuclear security system.

Senators Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar have never been in it for the accolades, but we can’t help agreeing with columnist Martin Schram’s penultimate call to Oslo!