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2018 Nuclear Security Index Related News Media Roundup

October 4, 2018

The national and international news media has been all over the 2018 Nuclear Security Index since its release in September, 2018. In case you missed these reports highlighting the Index results:

The Washington Post editorial board highlighted NTI’s Nuclear Security Index, saying “The Nuclear Threat is Real, but at Least Many Governments are Taking it Seriously.” Index findings were cited as showing promise and optimism regarding the future of nuclear security and cooperation, as well as highlighting the hard work still needed to secure nuclear materials.

The Center for Public Integrity highlighted the Index while discussing President Trump’s role in the securing nuclear materials.

The Public Trust of India used the Index to bring attention to India’s standing and performance regarding nuclear material security.

The Economist highlighted the Index results as optimistic and hopeful, saying, “nuclear security is improving almost everywhere.”

Networks Asia cited the Index to discuss threats posed by cyberattacks on the world’s most dangerous materials.

The Index has also been featured on Bloomberg Television, Physics Today, and Russia Matters.