How the index works

The NTI Index tracks country-level progress on nuclear security by assessing overall nuclear security conditions across five broad categories, with 20 indicators and 61 subindicators.

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Understanding nuclear materials

Nuclear materials have the potential to unleash massive amounts of energy through a process called nuclear fission, and it only takes a small amount of plutonium or highly enriched uranium to build a bomb.

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International panel of experts

In developing the NTI Index, the EIU and NTI convened highly respected nuclear security experts with a broad range of expertise from countries around the world.

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Download The Data

The NTI Index includes this website with high-level results, a print report (PDF), and an Excel model with complete data.

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Download the 2018 Nuclear Security Index

The 2018 NTI Nuclear Security Index is a unique public assessment of global nuclear security conditions, prepared with the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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