How the Index Works

The NTI Index examines national-level policies, actions and other factors that affect a country’s overall nuclear materials security conditions using five broad categories, with 19 indicators and 56 subindicators, some of which were weighted more heavily than others.

About the Index

Developed in 2012 with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and with input from a respected international panel of nuclear security experts, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Nuclear Security Index tracks country-level progress on nuclear security and encourages governments to take actions to protect and build confidence in the security of their materials and facilities. The NTI Index is recognized as the premier resource and tool for tracking progress on nuclear security.

Understanding Nuclear Materials

Nuclear materials have the potential to unleash massive amounts of energy through a process called nuclear fission, and it only takes a small amount of plutonium or highly enriched uranium to build a bomb.

International Panel of Experts

In developing the NTI Index, the EIU and NTI convened highly respected nuclear materials security experts from around the world. This group included experts who were from nuclear- and non-nuclear-weapon states and from developed and developing nations and who have a broad range of expertise.


Interested in past versions of the Index, or archival information regarding nuclear materials security?