How Can Countries Improve Nuclear Security? 

Try out the NTI Index Score Simulator and find out how individual countries can improve their ability to protect dangerous nuclear materials and the facilities that house them.  You can change a country’s actions in different categories, then see how the country’s overall score and rank changes.

To start, choose either the theft or sabotage ranking, and then the country.

You’ll then be able to pick improvements a country can make by adjusting the sliders on the right hand side of the Score Simulator.  The slider changes the score, and you’ll see the change in overall score and rank (on the left).

The sliders can be adjusted from 0 up to the maximum score possible for a particular indicator. The original score and rank is shown in black, and the adjusted “simulated” score is in red. There is a reset button within each category.

You can also compare a country’s score and simulated score against groups of countries or other individual countries in the column on the left.